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The Akara Venture 

The idea of the TAP venture is to build a viable and sustainable network of women who are dedicated to consistently provide their communities with access to hygienically prepared, healthy, nutritious and affordable fried bean cake (Akara – Kose) while making a living and transforming their economic and social status.

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Supporting an Akara woman with Stock financing in Abuja
Supporting an Akara woman with Stock financing in Abuja


UFEDO is a digital innovation with the main aim of reducing the waste of food in Nigeria through the provision of ready market and alternative value proposition for near off the shelf food products in retail stores and warehouses using digital solution. It’s a digital clock bank for food and other social impact products and it’s a platform for facilitating synergy between food manufacturer, processors, distributors, Restaurants, Orphanages, Prisons, IDP camps, individual consumers, profit and nonprofit organizations to mobilize and distribute basic resources to positively support the poor and vulnerable people in Nigeria and beyond.    

SOIFoundation Impact Academy

SOIFoundation will be launching it's groups a special nursery and primary schools with curriculum tailored to build digital, tech, and entrepreneurial skills into children in their formative age. Strategy of setting up of these schools is focused on rural and vulnerable communities. 

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