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What else drives one better than passion?

National Director, SOIFoundation
National Director, SOIFoundation

Impact is becoming one of the most commonly used words in the development sector. But what does it really mean? There are a lot of definitions out there about impact. I think I really love the way Barne summarizes it in his 2015 publication. He put's it this way: having an effect, benefit, or contribution to economic, social, cultural, and other aspects of the lives of citizens and society beyond contributions to academic research".

While I appreciate this perspective of his, I have learnt from our work at SOIFoundation that passion is a major driving force when it comes to making genuine impact. The passion for what we do and the passion to see that the lives of the people we support are truly impacted positively its what makes us unique as a team.
In the spirit of this passion, I warmly welcome you to this platform, with the hope that you will fine deep passion and opportunity to partner with us to achieve our mission of restoring dreams and transforming destinies.

Accept my warmest regards,

Louisa Obunezie, Esq.
National Director/ MD
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